Null to iPhone app in a week


I’ve always wanted to learn how to develop iPhone apps but never did because I never had a mac. Now that I do, I’m finally going to learn.

Every week on Sunday I get together with a mastermind where we discuss our current business goals. Currently my freelance web development business has been going well and I decided I wanted to expand my skill set by learning iOS development.

What better way than to commit to learning how to make an app in a week.

My programming skills are primarily front end and backend WordPress work. I have absolutely zero knowledge of Objective C or Swift.

My plan of attack is to learn through It was recommend by one of the mastermind members.

The deadline for shipping the app is this Sunday (August 23rd). I started the iOS Swift track a little bit late (today on August 18th). I have about 4 days to get through enough material to ship an iPhone app.

My advantage is that I do have a programming background and today’s course material was primarily a refresher.

In an hour I went over

  • Variables and Constants
  • Types
  • Operators
  • Collections

All of which are fundamental programming concepts.

Four more days left to learn enough to ship a functional app.

Let’s go!

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