How Consistency Transformed My Body

Five more days until the new year begins. Dreams and aspirations of massive change linger in the air as the new year creeps in. Once January 1st hits, people will rush off the starting line in pursuit of their new years resolutions. Determined that this year will be different.

Weight loss. New career. More money.

Gyms are packed. Self help books are selling off the shelves. Military like determination to accomplish their goals.

By February, the air will linger with the death of those resolutions. Why? Because they were unable to maintain consistency with their new years resolutions.

Enter the Fat Dragon.

Growing up I was a normal kid. Then I discovered video games and taco bell nacho cheese chalupas. This led to hours upon hours of gaming and eating shit food. My personal best was 60 McNuggets from McDonald’s in one sitting. They had a $1.99 for 20 special going on. How can you say no?

Like clockwork, I would get out of school and fire up my x-box while nibbling on the fast food of choice for the day.

What did this consistency get me?

Lock up your daughters.


The picture you see above was the result of an accumulation of years and years of shitty food and bad habits.

Chicken Breasts and Iron

Sometime around when I was 17-18 years old, something snapped in me and I decided to change. I decided to not be fat anymore.

After weeks of research on how to lose weight, I joined a gym and learned how to cook.

Fast forward through a year or two of going to the gym and cooking 98% of my meals. I finally made it. I wasn’t fat anymore.


The picture you see above is the accumulation of hours upon hours in the gym and meal upon meal of chicken breasts and rice.

There is no magic pill.

Taking Home the Gold

Around six months ago I decided to start training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. When I signed up I made a commitment to myself that for the next six months, I would train at least three times a week (unless I was injured and couldn’t physically train).

For the first couple of months I was getting smashed and submitted left and right. I was shitty and I knew it but I kept going because of the commitment to myself and because I knew consistency was the only way to get better.

A month ago I competed in my first tournament and I took home gold. The guy who was getting dominated four months before hand took home gold at the tournament. Why? I was consistent in my training.


The deadline passed a couple days ago and with the exception of blowing my knee out which put me out of commission for a couple weeks, I hit my goal of training at least three times a week in a six month time span.

interested in this awesome graph? click the image to find out what it’s all about!



The wrap this up. Consistency is how you get results in life.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

Not only is excellence a habit but poor performance and lack of results is also a habit.

You are in control of your destiny, be consistently attacking your goals and you will achieve them.

Where I'm at now after eight years of consistent training.
Where I’m at now after eight years of consistent training.

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