I’ve wanted to blog, write, and share my opinions for years now.

It’s been years and I’m still where I started. Nowhere. Each day I fantasize about how I would build a large audience and tribe through my writings.

Soon I told myself.

Inspiration for blog posts would come to me daily through all the blogs and articles I read. Life experiences would spark light bulbs for amazing post ideas. Yet the ideas never saw the light of day because I never started.

Tomorrow I would tell myself.

I have a horrible habit of wanting the conditions to be perfect before taking action however I know deep inside of me that the conditions will never be perfect. This happened for my business and even when I first started working out.

Ready, aim, fire.

I can remember the first two months of my first time joining a gym seven years ago. At 16 years old I rolled into the gym with my mom and signed the dotted line for a gym membership. Once all the paperwork was done and credit card was charged, I rolled back home and proceeded to do research on bodybuilding and how to work out… for a month. I sat at home and researched how to workout for an entire month before stepping back into the gym that I signed up for. Realistically, that month of research did nothing for me because I had zero experience to begin with. It did more harm than good because I was so overloaded with information.

It actually took me a couple years before I realized what happened that month and why it happened. Internally I was afraid of failing and looking bad so my solution was to try and prepare in an effort to avoid failure and mistakes.

What I looked like when I rolled in the gym.
What I looked like when I rolled in the gym.


Ready, fire, aim

There are more stories of over preparation and information overload I can share with you but I’ll give you the condensed version.

  1. Tell others/myself I was going to do something.
  2. Buy some books and learn about that thing.
  3. Find more content on that thing before doing it.
  4. Have nothing to show after a month because I didn’t even start yet.
  5. Repeat for the next thing I was going do.

It took years and years of this bull shit fear before I truly realized how damaging it was to my self esteem and confidence. Each time a project fell through my confidence took a hit.

It was only after getting absolutely sick of myself that I decided to change. Instead of over preparing I decided that I would just do. Regardless of how uncomfortable I felt. I knew that I learned exponentially more from doing the thing than learning about it through books or content.

About five months ago I decided to start training Brazilian jiu jitsu. I called up the gym, took a trial class and signed up that day. After about two months I knew that I wanted to compete. Did I feel ready? Hell no but I told my instructor I wanted to compete and three months later I competed for the first time and took home gold.

  • Did I feel uncomfortable? Hell yes.
  • Did I feel ready? Hell no.
  • Was I scared? Hell yes.

Now even if I took last place, the amount I would have learned surpasses anything that I could have learned from contemplating competing.


Ready, fire, aim. This has become my new modus operandi. I learn exponentially more from doing the damn thing versus reading about it for a month. Now I’m not saying to go in blind but there is a very fine line between gathering enough information and gathering too much information.

Bullshit reasons why I didn’t start writing years ago

1. I didn’t own my domain name

I remember when I first wanted to write, it was around high school. So around 2007-2008. I went to buy the domain name and realized it was bought by someone who wasn’t doing anything with it… until October 2014! My train of thought was that I didn’t want to invest time and effort into building an asset that wasn’t even my name. Bullshit I know.

It was only until last month when I realized that the domain was free. I snagged it for five years. Regardless of how bullshit my excuse was, it can’t be an excuse anymore.

2. I’m not a good writer

Who is born a good anything? No one. Mistakes will be made and there is no way around it. Put in the reps and you will get better. This is a lesson I’ve learned through weight training, programming, and jiu jitsu. How do you build a house? Brick by brick. Until they can start engineering humans, you’re going to need to put in the reps.

Be aware that your work will be shitty when you start though. You may even be brutally aware of how shitty it is but that doesn’t matter because you’re getting better with each rep and eventually you will close the gap.

Is this blog post “good”? Probably not the best.

Will it touch and change the lives of millions? Probably not.

Does it matter? No because I started and that’s all that matters right now.

And if you’re like me, every time that voice comes into your mind, how many fucking tomorrows do I have. How many tomorrows have I put off? You’ll find that you’re surrounded by stacks of tomorrows that have become yesterdays. They surround you like rotting fruit and you just keep stacking those days on top of that pile of rotting fruit as you lay there surrounded by the bloat flies. the demonic forces that whirl around you in the form of unpaid bills, belly fat, and bad friends.

– Duncan Trussell

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